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We are WellNess Clinic

We have experienced doctors and specialists in their fields


At Taralake Medical Clinic - We take good care of your health matters for Women. We provide special privilege for all the needs of Women's Health.

Some of the core services that we offer in regards to Women's Health are as below:

Breast Clinic: Doctors from Breast Clinic evaluate and treat women who have benign & malignant breast diseases.

Cancer Program: We educate and provide special care & treatment in regards to the different Cancer Treatment for Women. We also teach on how you can combat cancer. This program is recognized by the National Cancer Institute.

Gynecology: We offer the Gynecology Treatment for Women. Some of the treatments that we offer under the Gynecology program are:

  1. Urogynecology.
  2. Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility.
  3. Obstetrics.